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The Devil Card

tarot card The Devil The Devil represents natural forces, both positive and negative at the same time, the opposition between good and evil.

In the tarot, the devil will indicate success in material matters, as long as they follow the dictates of reason, since those who let themselves be carried away by their instincts without thinking rationally, can become slaves of fatalities to come.

In matters of love, it represents infidelity and superficiality in the relationship.

If this card appears during the reading the person becomes afraid because it is a card that signifies fatalities and indicates situations that are full of drama and pain, evil instincts, disorder, bad convictions, violence and disasters. It could also mean hereditary diseases, disclosure of occult powers and rare forces.

If the devil appears inverted, this alteration is not too bad, because it means liberation forces of passion and the beginning of spiritual understanding. This also means that diseases that could approach are being submitted.

When the devil card appears next to the tower, caution, this could mean thoughts of suicide; if it appears at the side of justice, this reveals political conspiracy and if appears next to the judgment card, this means contagious disease.

This card is astrologically related to Leo.

The words that define the devil card are: high energy, confused action, sexuality and passion.


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