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Temperance Card

tarot card Temperance The Temperance card's astrological relationship is with Aquarius. According to Christians, temperance is integrity that manages equilibrium, wisdom and moderates carnal pleasures.

It is one of the most sought out tarot cards, because it acts as a calm midpoint in the midst of a world full of good temptations and some that are not so good.

When the Temperance card appears in a tarot reading, it indicates a need for adjustments, balance and about seeking middle ground. It also states that in many occasions, cooperation is required amongst peers when situations become difficult and that it is good to seek situations to unite opposing views.

This card always means good physical health and emotional well-being even after the disappearance of the general good condition. Usually the temperance card means moderation, tolerance, flexibility to adapt to different circumstances and not to return to the difficulties.

If the card is inverted, it could mean the absence of initiatives, too many concerns that can lead to various ailments, excessive influence by other people's opinions and no ability for teamwork.

When this card appears next to the sun card, it means job success. If it comes out next to the magician, it indicates aches and alternative therapies.

Words related to this card are: moderation, harmony, balance, cooperation and artistic inspiration.


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