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Justice Card


Justice: The astrological connection with justice is with Capricorn. It is the tarot card that indicates power without channel and needs it to be distributed fairly.

Through the card equilibrium is searched for and also for completeness and accuracy. It also represents human and divine justice.

In matters of love, it equally indicates equity and justice, but with the presence of documents and it is possible that by a third person who is impartial in the relationship.

If the card appears in the upright position, it represents justice, honesty and fairness; Successful negotiations or trials or people understanding difficulties and able to find solutions to please everyone. Sentimental unions, signings contracts and aspects related to economy.

If instead the card appears inverted, it means lies, injustice, guilt towards innocent people; it is not a good time to sign documents or for marriage, because things could not go quite right.

When the Justice card comes out next to the world card, it indicates a victorious trial and if it appears next to the moon card, it means injustice.

The words that represent this card are: justice, fairness, integrity, order, law and reward.

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