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Judgement Card

tarot card Judgement Judgement is related astrologically to the moon. There are two types of trial, the first is the judge saying to the person who has demonstrated bad behavior and should be punished, and therefore cannot easily be redeemed, the second is the valuating judge that tries to find the truth and does not convict.

In the tarot this card means that it is sometimes necessary to judge, considering the problem as it is and then freely express our views.

In matters of love, this card indicates that what is received is a result of our actions in the past, that is to say, what we sow is what we reap. It usually means a change in a process that was stalled; renewal of a position either for better or worse.

It could be a mission that has not been accomplished, new perspectives in life or light facing the darkness.

If the card is faced upright, it could mean overcoming, improvement or advancement in the workplace.

If this card is inverted, it may indicate immobility, difficulty or that it is necessary to do justice onto something that is unfair or uncomfortable.

If the judgement card appears next to the sun card, it signifies wealth and popularity and if the death card appears next to it, that may mean an approaching trial of inheritance.

Keywords related to this card are: realization, rebirth, enlightenment, awakening, judge, justice to something that is unfair. It may also mean layoffs or loss of job security.


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