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Clairvoyants by birth

Clairvoyants by birth Seers that are born with the gift have throughout history been able to communicate about events that will happen in the future, even about events that would happen centuries later, as in the case of Nostradamus.

Seers have very clear energy channels for communication with other planes of existence and they function as a bridge between what we perceive in the present and other planes like the past or future.

Throughout history and in different cultures, people have been able to communicate with spiritual planes. In the past these people were called pythonesses, oracles, soothsayers, sorcerers and shamans in the indigenous cultures.
Tradition has it that the first known witch was Sybil, who was the priestess of Apollo. Hence, the first informational reference of seers in history was made. In antiquity, it was accustomed to consult the mediums, which possessed the gift of clairvoyance, up until the enlightenment era during which they were banned and any practice that was outside of what the Church imposed.

Yet many seers who possessed extraordinary powers were able to stand out and are still followed today. For example, Nostradamus, a seer who lived during the sixteenth century was able to predict some of the worst catastrophes in the world. We also have the legacy of the Mayan culture, some clairvoyants made predictions for our time and the change of the cycle in 2012.

But the power of clairvoyance is not just for some that are "chosen", but is a gift we all have, some have the ability that is more developed than others. It is all about clearing the karma that we have been having so our channels are cleared to see more clearly and thus gain access to other levels of knowledge.

If you want to know if you are clairvoyant or have suspected of having the ability; next we will inform you of some characteristics of seers:
  1. You experience veja vu a lot and what you feel is going to happen really does happen.
  2. You have a hunch that something bad is about to happen and it finally does happen.
  3. You can see images or flashes of a scene and then happens, or what you saw happens to someone close to you.
  4. When you sit beside someone in a public place and start to feel things that do not happen to you, you may be feeling what the person next to you feels.
  5. You may have dreams about strangers that give you messages and after waking up you feel that it was more like a very lucid and real experience.

Those are some seer characteristics that may help identify you as a seer, of course, in order to develop your full potential; you must work hard, start to investigate and try to clear your energy connection channels. Over time you will achieve more clear visualizations that will make more sense to you.


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