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White or Black Magic

White or Black Magic The magic is a topic that arouses the interest of many people because the mystery is in the tricks that defy logic and physics, as they show things that are impossible to the eyes of people, as possible.

Most people have heard of magic for love, the evil eye or for cleansings. You may also have heard that in order for magic to really work, you must have great faith and that is very true.

It is true that faith can move mountains, but not all mountains are moved by magic. Magic is a great force that comes from the essence of beings (not to be confused with the soul) and one that not all possess. Magic has the balance with the creator and destroyer energy of the universe, which is known as vital flow, so it is said that if not performed correctly the effect is reversed and tripled.
Magic is divided into categories and types, and each variety differs depending on the degree of power and effectiveness.

Magic categories: White magic, black magic, elemental magic, time magic, shadow magic, celestial magic, demonic magic, divine magic, innovation magic and red magic. Types of magic: potions, charms, incantations, spells, blood and flesh, chants, hands, thoughts and sortilege. Amongst the categories and types of magic, are some of the best known and most popular:

- White magic is the best to use to heal and it does not cause pain but it may also become destructive because it is based on light. The power of light radiates to eliminate any trace of emotions and in doing this, the action of light emanating produces an almost infinite power.

-Black magic is almost as powerful as white magic. The difference is that black magic is more versatile in attacking the body and mind of the enemy. Black magic can match the white but it is painful for anyone who uses it because its power lies in the darkness of emotions.

Potions are a kind of magic in which ingredients are mixed to obtain their essence and achieve results in a short amount of time. To increase the potion''s power, it may be combined with another or with other combinations of other potions.

Incantations are another type of magic that uses words that are spoken in rhyme, one must be very careful with every spoken word because any sentence can be like a double-edged sword. Incantations are very much like some spells. The only difference is that spells have sentences in rhyme that are already written.

To successfully practice magic, it is necessary to have certain skills and abilities or to develop them because in reality, we all have the ability without exception. In some people, the abilities would have to be developed and controlled in order to obtain good results. Remember that magic is neither good nor bad, it all depends on you.


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