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Esoterism The word, esoteric is simply referred to what is in the interior, in contrast to, what is in the exterior. Consequently, esoterism is knowledge and wisdom about the aspects of life that are inside, behind or further than the external appearance.

Actual knowledge is not something that can be achieved using only the mind and learning in an academic way but also with experience. The experience does not involve physical exertion but rather, requires direct contact between consciousness and a state of energy. For example: if one person is capable of understanding and feeling what another feels while suffering a severe loss, will gain knowledge of the true purpose and the significance of the loss in the life of the one who has suffered.
Behind every phenomenon there exists a world of energies, that is to say, the energies that produce the phenomena when they occur in the three lower worlds, which are: thoughts, feelings and physical matter. Beyond these worlds are other worlds without form, but real.

Esoterism may be a type of art that is based on sensory and intuitive perception and one that is open to inspiration. Just like art, esoterism may be creative way of being, living and a way of life.

Esoterism implies an effort to live in harmony with life''s internal realities, that is to say, to look beyond what is palpable, discovering the occult in all forms, to see the absence of the true meaning in apparent knowledge and to discover the real meanings behind it all. If we understand that behind every human expression or natural event, there exists the presence of true love; our lives would become enriched, thanks to the power of attraction of positive energy, according to the law of cause and effect.

There are some suggestions to help us live esoterically, amongst them are: knowing ourselves and our qualities; taking notes on a daily basis about any ideas we may have had during the day and this will help you understand more of your personality in an intuitive way; meditating a bit every day; look to find significant links that led to certain developing of situations during the day and each time you experience something different, ask yourself what it is, what caused it and what is the meaning or significance. There are different levels of each answer to each question, so keep asking why and you will gradually reach the limits of your conscience mind.

Do not worry so much about all the questioning because it is only to try to experience the simple and the pure.


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