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Clairvoyance Clairvoyance, a form of extrasensory perception. The Word is derived from the French "Clair," meaning transparent and "voyant" which means, to see, this was derived towards the end of the seventeenth century. The Word is defined as, a person having extrasensory perception, during which a person is able to perceive distant objects, people or events during a certain point in time.
Usually, the information is received by the clairvoyant, as images but it can also be auditory.

Clairvoyance gifts are usually presented by the age of a young adult and this may be in a spontaneous way. Many people develop the ability by practicing meditation. There are some people that are born with the gift of clairvoyance and since childhood, will start developing it daily, spontaneously and without knowing that they are clairvoyants.
If at any given time, you start having negative feelings around someone that you do not know, it may be that you are sensing, which is one of the characteristics of clairvoyance, which is, being able to feel what someone else is feeling.

Many people will have extrasensory experiences and stages of clairvoyance during a state of trance, where they are able to connect into other spiritual levels and obtain necessary information of a certain event or certain time. There are some that are able to connect with beings that have already died and as a seer; this person will communicate from the other realm of existence.

Even though from the scientific point, clairvoyance is not understood. There are many scientific centers where parapsychology is studied. Scientists have tried to understand how some people have the ability to communicate with people and along certain events that are not in our present reality.

Genetic clairvoyance also exists; the ability is passed down from generation to generation. There are some that believe that it is part of human evolution and that those born clairvoyant have the ability that is much more developed, like in this type of clairvoyance.

Even though these types of abilities were stigmatized at certain times in the past, we cannot deny that they are part of human beings or that it is an ability that has been developed in humans from all over the world from long ago and still to this day.

We have persons that put their abilities at our service, so that we may know what is waiting for us on the road of life and that way, we can make the most of our lives. We can also learn lessons that life has prepared for us because we have come into this world to learn and to develop our abilities to the maximum, clairvoyance, for example.
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