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The clairvoyance ability

The clairvoyance ability Clairvoyance is the ability to obtain information through energetic channels. Usually this type of information about events that occurred in the past or to see the future, even to see the events happening in the present time, is ethereal.

The clairvoyance is an ability that all human beings have, but it is not always fully developed and some people are born with a highly developed gift or they develop the ability at any particular time of life. It is understood that those that have the ability have their energy receiving channels cleared, especially the ajna chakra or otherwise known as the third eye. People with the developed clairvoyance ability can connect with other planes of existence and other levels.
It is not always possible to view a full event, but parts of it. Often some information can come in a dream or as "deja vu" and some people go into a trance and receive information. Others connect with events that happened in the past or are about to occur in the future.

Without a doubt, people that are able to have this type of gift, are people that are pure of heart, and in order to have these gifts, it is not enough to have a good attitude in doing certain exercises for the clearance of the ajna, but it is a matter of temperance.
Seers have these gifts to help others with their journey on earth and provide information for the development of the self and so they can continue their journey in a harmonious way.

While there are several techniques to improve intuition and with that to become clairvoyance, is not something that is easy to achieve and one must clear several energy channels to get there. In fact, it is known by many, that many seers have been able to solve cases the police had failed to resolve. That still does not reach the spiritual level, where the gifts are accepted by everyone as part of everyday life.

Some people have a highly developed gift of clairvoyance, and can connect with people very easily and are able to perceive the feelings and bonds that are going on and they can also help solve your karmic issues. That is, we understand as the negative karma that has not been resolved keeps coming back to our lives again and again to teach us lessons and to free ourselves from the lessons learned in order to continue with our development.

Clairvoyance is more common today and we see more and more people with this gift developed, indigo children have great potential to develop clairvoyance. It is a time of clensing and we need those with clairvoyance in order to clear our way and that way continue to grow in harmony.


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