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Types of cards for the tarot

Types of cards for the tarot There are several types of cards for the tarot depending on the different types of consultations.
Some of the different types of tarot are: love tarot, Egyptian tarot, Marseilles tarot, Gypsy Tarot, and Tarot of the Orishas amongst others.

It all depends on what type of information we are looking, to find out what types of tarot cards we should use.

In continuation, we give you details about the types of most used types of tarot cards.

Egyptian Tarot: One of the oldest types of tarot that came from the ancient Egyptians. It is represented by 22 Egyptian gods and goddesses representing the strengths of each god based on the force of nature. The Egyptian tarot helps us to know how to use the strengths of each individual for their own personal evolution.

Marseilles tarot: The Tarot of Marseilles is the most known and most used worldwide. It is represented by the major arcana and they symbolize each character and human circumstances. The Tarot of Marseilles can also be recognized as "The Tarot".

Celtic Tarot: The Celtic tarot linked to the Druids, who attributed special powers and close relationship with nature. In the Celtic tarot decks there are 22 gods represented by 22 arcana, divided into 5 major cycles that are important to the Celtic culture: mythology, heroic, historic, oceanic and adventurous.

Gypsy Tarot: Gypsy tarot cards intertwine the past, to be able to understand the present time and to be able to change the future. The deck has 78 cards, which like the Tarot of Marseilles, also has 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

Tarot of the Orishas: Its origin is African. It incorporates several methods of divination such as numerology, the candoble religion and astronomy. Orishas who are deified men of pure force, are consulted through the cards. It is a special reading done to bring light to situations that are complicated to resolve.

There is no doubt that there are different methods of card readings and each has a specialty. It is important to know what specific issues should be addressed to obtain the best results. If you are in undecided about what reading will be the best for your situation, please contact us at and we will give you the recommendation that suits your needs.


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