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Tarot card reading It is believed that the first mention of the tarot was in Italy in the fourteenth century by Tarocco. The tarot''s history comes from many centuries before and there is not just one source of its appearance, there have been a lot of rumors. The thing is; that the tarot is a divination technique that had been used by ancient Egyptians and other ancestral cultures.

The Gypsies are the ones to have introduced the Tarot into Europe, since they have been transmitting and predicting the future since long ago. Until the dark ages and the Inquisition, the practice was considered heretic and became prohibited. The wise scholars of those days were still able to maintain the practice, protected. The cards are a means of preserving the ancient knowledge that the church considered to be pagan. By preserving the practice, at the same time, the information that had come from Ancient Egypt was protected.

Although we can only speculate about their origins, tarot images are connected with the ancient beliefs of the Hebrew Kabbalah. The school of Pythagoras; he who held the belief that the letters and numbers possess extraordinary powers.

Without a doubt, the tarot refers to the physical and spiritual human experiences. The more the cards are studied, the understanding and extrasensory powers become more profound.

The Tarot is destined to be used for enlightenment and for the discovery of the higher self. The tarot manages the knowledge of the world. Every card displays many objects that have a lot of meanings and it is not just a simple reading; the reader needs to be wise and have a lot of knowledge about the cards.

Every figure of the tarot provokes a movement in the subconscious mind of the individual and takes every situation to, his or her consciousness, to resolve the issue in a healthy and harmonious way.

Atarot reading made wisely, can lead to healing whoever is consulting because the reader can clarify issues and will bring various effects into awareness.

The Tarot cards are great for meditation and divination because they stimulate intuition.
Try to reveal the dark parts that are stopping you from getting ahead and dare to have a tarot card reading. Take yourself into the light.


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