The nodes of Karma

The lunar nodes are points in which the orbit of the Moon cuts the orbit of the Earth. These points talk about baggage that we have with us and it provides guidelines on how to level it.

In the karmic astrology, they are very important as they provide with a lot of information about the karma that we have accumulated in past lives and the main goal of our reincarnation.


South Node or Dragon’s Tail:

The sign and the house in which this point is found see the indices of how was the experience of the person in past lives. We feel it as rest that have remained en our soul without being able to do anything with it. This point talks about the unconscious, remembering, experiences, fears and blockings that do not seem to have any reason in the mind of the person. It also gives us information about the habits of behavior that we have learnt.

Generally, in the astral card it comes marked only the north node and to find the south one, we need to look for the point that is diametrically opposed

North Node or Dragon’s Head:

This point talks to use about where are we going, where our purpose is pointing our according to the evolution of the karma. The reason why the nodes are diametrically opposed is because there is a need for balance.

The north node provides important information to define the path of our evolution. It is also known as the Dharma node or the good karma.