The Inverted Interpretation- The Magician

Even when this card appears in the inverted position, it will still be talking about good issues; however, it may be telling us about some difficulty to make the necessary changes to achieve new and better results. It is important to identify what you are afraid of and what is being in between your and the capacity to lead your live into a more effective and prosper levels.


General Plane:

It shows an excess of doubts and the lack of self-stem to affirm yourself in the desire as well as a lack in objectivity to recognize and move to the changes that are necessary to optimize your life.

Work Plane:

This position talks to us about some resistance on your side to make changes and innovate in this area. There are limitations that do not allow you to explore your capacities.

Affective Plane:

It may mean a lack of confidence and ability to attract other people and keep them next to you. If the person asking for the reading is in a relationship, it is important for him to talk to his partner of what he wants and needs.



The Magician, even when it is reverse, talks about good health and it is important to believe in the own capacity that the body has to cure itself. A good diet together with healthy habits will help you to keep a better health and balanced.


This position expresses a need of new experiences that can lead you into a mental aperture and to offer you new perspectives. Renewed perceptions will allow you to relate in another way with other people and with yourself. Explore new alternatives and listen to the message that people who think different from you have so you can nourish your spiritual curiosity.