Strengths and Weaknesses of Capricorn

When we find a sign of Capricorn, there has to be understood that hi, due to the influences of the stars that it has, has as many positive features as negative ones. These features are usually called weaknesses and strngths of the sign and if you want to know them, here we will talk about them.

The personality of Capricorn

At the moment in which we want to know the personality of this sign, it needs to be said that Saturn is the one which reigns it and that it is also linked to the Earth element. Both of them influence a lot in the features of this sign, which are the following ones:


Inside the strengths that are more important in a Capricorn, we can mention, for example, its sense of responsibility which is very high. He highlights at home but also at work, where his tasks and actions are more than excellent.

In the same way, we can also say that this sign is quite ambitious with his projects, but the best of all is that he works more than hard to achieve what he wants.

They are very quiet and practical people and they love their home.

Now, and starting talking about the weaknesses of this sign, there needs to be mention that they are very resentful with other people basically when they perceive that they are lazy or that they are not giving all of them.

It is a sing very implacable and he can also be quite spiteful. For these features and for some of his strengths it is very focused, which makes it hard for him to open and relate with other people. His ambition takes him to the greed.