Relating to our last article, we complete here our approach to “oniology”,a branch of the chirology that entire dedicates to the study of the color, form and the size of the nails and their relation to the personality of people.



With only observing the form of the nails, it is not enough to make a complete and accurate diagnose of the character of each person. The analysis has to be completed with the consideration of the different tones of color that the nails may have. Thus, an exam of the pigmentation of the nails reveals the following results:

With white spots: the presence of the spots in the Surface of the nails means that the person has important nervous problems.

Nails with blue color or violet: this colors show that there is probably an illness and that it is probably related to the respiratory tract.

Nail in white color: people who usually have this color in the nails are usually selfish and vain. Their tendency to individualist, sometimes, makes them forget about people surrounding them.

Nails with pink color: this color reveals that this person is sociable, nice and extroverted. Who have nails in this color, usually, have a lot of friends due to their open and cordial way of being.

Nails in red: it is not very common to find people with this color in their nails. We will say that the presence of the red color means that this person has an irascible character and very spirited and, sometimes, violent.


To understand a Little more the peculiarities that characterize different people, there is not enough with the fact to know only what their fingernails reveal. It also needs to be considered other features of the fingers:

Short: they mean impulsivity, lack of reflection and impulsiveness.

Longs: they mean intelligence and a reasonable spirit.

Thick: they belong to ambitious people, lovers of the luxury and the commodity.

Uneven: people who have the fingers with minor deformations are usually people who are dominated by their instincts before reason.

Arched upwards: these fingers show insight and quick reflexes.

Irregular: they indicate an existence full of complications.

Regular: these fingers show that harmony prevails in the life that these people are leading.