Lunar Astrology – Moon in the Earth Signs

The elements in astrology are the energetic substance of the experience that will go through the person in the expression of his personality and the Moon is one of the planets that most influence in the characteristics of the being; more, from the emotional point of view.

In this article, we will have a visit to all the colors that receive the maternal quality of the Moon when it transits through the signs of the Earth, which are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The signs of the Earth element reveal an affinity with the world of the physic forms and they have a practical skill to use and improve the material world. For the ones that have been born with one of these Moons will have these skills.

Taurus: This sign reins the intensification of the physical sense; a Moon in this sign values and gets nurtured by the pleasures, both physical and spiritual. He enjoys with good company as well as being alone, time in which he feels that he recharges his batteries and connects with his most inner expressions and the most pleasant ones. Good food, drinks and commodity at home are some of the needs of the Taurus Moon.

Virgo: This sign expresses himself through the practical spirit, premeditation and some dependence. The ones who have been born under this Moon will have the necessity to follow patterns and they will also feel an urgent need of external approval when having to make their tasks so they can feel that these ones have a meaning. The Moon in Virgo is extremely critical and is always looking for the last sense of what he does and says, being lost a lot of times in his own thoughts.


Capricorn: The Capricorns are interested for the social status and their achievements, without conceiving a way to get to the top without making efforts, with constancy and compromise. A Moon in this sign gets completely given with the soul mate in each task and it likes living well; a life without dangers and with a good economy will be what these people will get conformed with. They are happy to know that they are saving or investing to build a future that will offer them the tranquility they are looking for. On another sense, they are very fatalist.

In a more totalitarian meaning, the ones who are born with a Moon on the Earth signs react in front of the changing experiences firmly and with stability. They feel comfortable with themselves when they are working and being productive so they can reach the goals they have set.

Taurus will also manifest the values that are needed; Virgo will make all the planning and Capricorn will come into action.