Love in the Zodiac

Astrology studies the influence of the planets in our lives and, it is a fact that planets really have influence on us and this influence can tell a lot about our personality and the way in which we act.


One of the aspects that can be known through astrology and the Zodiac are the reactions of all the signs in front of a crush of love.

If you want to know a bit more about this, you will be able to do it here.

Crushes in the Zodiac

Each of the signs of the Zodiac has a different way to react in front of the situations that they face in life. One of these situations is the crushes of love. Get to know how your sign and the rest react in front of them:

–          Aries: It is a very risky sign as when he sees the opportunity, he looks for ways in which to make people fall in love with him.

–          Taurus: With Taurus, this situation is not very romantic due to his stubbornness. If it has been mutual, it is probable that there will be love situations.

–          Gemini: He is a complete lover that will look for all the means of communication.

–          Cancer: He gives himself completely in front of these situations.

–          Leo: In front of a love crush, the depredator will come out of him.

–          Virgo: They can be a bit cold in this aspect and not very good when understanding double intentions.

–          Libra: He easily opens to these situations even he feels really nervous.

–          Scorpion: Without a doubt, he shows his passionate side.

–          Sagittarius: Love crushes are an adventure for him.

–          Capricorn: A bit slow when interpreting the intentions of the others. They can be lost in their love.

–          Aquarius: Completely sociable, so a love crush is not a problem for him.

–          Pisces: He flies to the clouds in front of this fact. He is a complete romantic.