Chinese Horoscope: The Tiger

TigerThese people born under the year of the Tiger have a special sense of leadership and they are very good to give orders. In fact, they tend to be in a bad mood if they cannot control things.

They are lovely people and they usually call the attention of other people. They make sure they have a great quantity of followers. They are teachers in the art of seduction. They are very loyal and they have good feelings. But what attracts more people is their savage nature as well as their rebel look makes them look more interesting. Sometimes, though, they cannot be so lovely.

They love to be the center of attraction and they usually have a good sense of humor.

Once a Tiger has set a goal, he will not stop until he achieves it. This also means that they will not have any kind of problems to face other people if it was necessary and if they attacked him without advice.

It is normal that they are moody. They can make close people feel completely disoriented because of their mood changes.

If they know how to direct their energies, they will be able to achieve whatever they are set for. However, they need to start practicing moderation.

They do not like to work too much, and this can cause them some problems in health or for stress. They need challenges all the time, so it is not estrange that they do not keep a work or a routine for a long time.

The skills to learn fast allow them to make transitions very fast and  easy for them.

The best Jobs for them will be the ones related to publicity, businessmen, travelling and works dealing with transportation.

Concerning their relationships, tigers can be quite dominant and jealous. However, they are loyal and lovely people. The Tiger will deal well with the Horse and the Dog, but he will not be very good when dealing with the Buffalo and the Goat.