Chinese Horoscope: The Rat

It is a very intelligent and attractive sign. They are generous people and very fun. With a lot of imagination and very creative, they are always full of energy. They know how to keep things moving and they are always thinking and planning the next step. Its capacity to organize is amazing and they are ablñe to perform many different activities in a single day.


They are people with a lot of confidence and they let their instincts guide them when taking decisions. Even when they are not very romantic, they are very lovely and protectors.

They love money and they know how to manage their finances. Sometimes, though, they can be found shopping things that they do not really need but just because the prices looks good for them.

They are very persuasive and they are quite manipulative people when they want to achieve something. They have a really good memory and they highlight as writers or journalists. At the same time, they are able to adapt easily to any situation and this will allow them to be successful in everything they start.

Maybe, one of its major defects would be the fact that they try to do many different things at the same time, which leads to an incapacity to give continuity to their projects.

They have a really good health and doing exercise is  a way for them to get rid of the energy they do not use. They are very popular and accessible people and it is easy for them to make new friends everywhere. They are very loyal to the family.

This sign is compatible with dragon and the monkey but they will not have a very good relation with the horse, the rabbit and the goat.