Chinese Horoscope: The Monkey


These natives are full of energy, they are lovely and they are very fun. They keep moving all the time. Versatile and a bit naughty, they have a very agile mind and they are very intelligent.

They love improvising and following their instincts; this is due to their creative nature that is accompanied by their amazing curiosity.

It needs to be mentioned that their astrological correspondence is with the sign of Leo, so each of the signs share qualities that talk about their basic natures.

The ones who have been born under the sign of the Monkey do not worry too much about feelings; they rather have fun. An attitude that can make some people bothered by it.

Ignoring them or saying the opposite of what they think can make them very mad and it is usually combined with hate, which will result in a very negative situation.

They have an extraordinary memory and they can mention easily something that they have read, listened or seen.

In love, the monkeys are hard to reach. They love romance but not more than their freedom. Short passions are not enough to fulfil them. Their nature makes impossible for them to behave like adults and they will be very bored in love until they find the right person for them.

This energy that characterizes them makes them not to suffer too many inconvenient as health, even that nerves can make them feel ill some times.

When socializing, there is anyone better than them. They are excellent not only to have a chat, but to follow the conversation in silence during hours. The annoying silences do not exist when you are with them.

The Monkey is compatible with the Dragon and the Rat, but it is not compatible with the Horse and the Snake.