Characteristics Of The Astrological Houses

When we talk about the astrologic houses of the Zodiac, there is not a lot of information about them. Usually, the only information known is that they are 12 and only few people know more about them.


Now, if you are interested in knowing a bit more of these houses, I will explain here some of their main characteristics. Inside them, we can find the sign that is designated to each of the houses, which are their planets and, basically, what is the issue that is managed with each of them.

Features Of The Astrological Houses

To know more of each of the houses of the Zodiac, it is essential to know the following features of them:

House 1:  Its sign is Aries and the planet is Mart. It concerns personality.

House 2: Its sign is Taurus and the planet is Venus. It concerns finances.

House 3: Its sign is Gemini and the planet is Mercury. It concerns communication.

House 4: Its sign is Cancer and the planet is the Moon. It concerns family.

House 5: Its sign is Leo and the planet is the Sun. It concerns pleasure.

House 6: Its sign is Virgo and the planet is Mercury. It concerns health.

House 7: Its sign is Libra and the planet is Venus. It concerns society regarding the person.

House 8: Its sign is Scorpion and the planet is Pluton. It concerns the change and sexuality.

House 9: It sign is Sagittarius and the planet is Jupiter. It concerns culture.

House 10: It sign is Capricorn and the planet is Saturn. It concerns the status of the person.

House 11: Its sign is Aquarius and the planet is Uranus. It concerns friendship.

House 12: Its sign is Pisces and the planet is Neptune. It concerns spiritually.

Final Data

Now that you know all this information, you will probably be able to comprehend better your sign.