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Horoscope Sagittarius 2023

Horoscope Sagittarius 2023
nov 22 - dic 21

Sagittarius HOROSCOPE 2023:

Natives of this sign will begin the New Year 2023 with a great capacity to connect with their own feelings, and great sympathy to understand other people’s feelings. Sagittarius will also possess great mental lucidity and great judgment and for this reason family, friends and close acquaintances will approach them for advice. It will be a great year for spiritual growth for this sign and this will benefit those around them.

Beginning in May there will be a concentration of energy coming from the planets that will positively influence their finances and economy. Sagittarius will feel very ambitious and this will impulse them to begin new ventures, they might seem too bold at first but they will be a success. It will be a great year for their economy.

Friends: On the social level they will begin the New Year with disillusion in respect to friendship however they will be very socially active and will establish new friendships. The friendships they make this year will be enduring friends.

Work: Natives of this sign will experience a lot of changes this year none of them will be negative but will need to work within their limitations. They will have to incorporate new knowledge and adapt to different methods of work, at first it will be hard but in doing so they will discover a new area of work that is very satisfying.

Love: Coupled Sagittarius will begin the year a little hard, and separation is a possibility however arguments and estrangements will not be final and will resume their relationship.

Single men and women of Sagittarius will be very impatient of being single and this will cause them to make great mistakes.

Women will accept proposals from someone that has been interested in them for quite a while however this man will not be free, he will be married or in a commitment with another woman. In the beginning, it will be a great sexual adventure that will help them overcome loneliness but along the way they will become emotionally involved. Men will make promises of divorcing their wives but none of this will occur.

On the hand, single men of Sagittarius, will try to ease their loneliness with past love interests, with relationships that didn’t work out. Relationships will resume and will convince themselves that they can establish a stable relationship with this woman however things won’t work out as planned and will end up disillusioned and hurt.

The Astros advice women and men of this sign that you cultivate patience and learn to wait. Life has its own time and Cupid will arrive but at the right moment.
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