chiromancy - palm reading

How is the palm of your hand?

How are your fingers?

The fingers reflect the ego and the energy level of people; they also reveal the confidence and determination we have to accoplish our goals.

How is your thumb?

When the fingers are inclined to one other in particular, this special one will provide information about how you are. For example, if the fingers are inclined towards the index finger, you will be cheerful and mysterious.

How is your life line?

The life line starts between the thumb and forefinger and is in the form of an arch. It reveals the vitality, some events, desires and concerns in life.

How is your love line?

The love line begins from the little finger and crosses the palm. The line reflects the ability to love and marks the step from the interior world to the exterior.

How is your destiny line?

Also known as the line of success; usually begins in the wrist and goes to the middle finger. It reflects the self-actualization, the challenges and the extent to which objectives are met in life.

How is your head line?

Also known as the intelligence line, it generally starts along the life line and crosses the palm horizontally. The line shows the intelligence and psychological aspects.

How is your venus mound?

The Mound of Venus shows artistic qualities, also sensuality and friendship. For example, if there is a square that means that they require much professional effort and emotional protection to succeed.