Palmistry and Heart Line

Known for many people as the line of the emotions, it is place in horizontal way going through, a lot of times, all the palm of the hand.

This line is place on another famous line that is known as the Line of Head. In a more specific way, we can place this line under the little finger, ring and middle. In some cases, it can even cover the index finger.


Now, so you can know a bit more about this line, here I will talk about it.

The Line Of Heart

Now that you know where this line is placed, it is time for you to know a bit more about it.

To start with it, you need to know that as its name implies, this line makes reference to the feelings that we have.

Now, what is perfect is this line to be very long and thin and be extended in a way that it covers almost all the superior part of the palm.

In the case it is straight; it means that the feelings of the person are very influenced by reason.

If the line, on the other side is empty, we talk about the capacities concerning the management of the feelings with family and friends.

However, if it is curve, it refers to feelings that contradict themselves.

On the other side, if it finishes exactly on the Jupiter mount, it talks to us about a live full of positive love.

In case it finishes between Saturn and Jupiter mount, it talks about a person that does everything he can for love.

Finally and if this line finishes between Apollo and the Sun mount, it shows poverty of feelings and expressions of love.