Moon and Food

It is important to recognize the powerful influence that the Moon has on the effect that food has on your body. Start by observing the following: when the moon in in the crescent phase, one is satisfied with a certain amount of food and it is also in this phase when the tendency to gain weight is stronger, even when we eat very little.


By consuming the same, when the Moon is in the waning phase, the portion that we have is usually not enough. If we do not feel well physically or if we have ingested substances that may intoxicate our body (like excessive alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), making a day of fasting when the Moon is in the new moon  phase can heal us very quickly, as it favors the elimination of toxins.

In the Full Moon phase, there appears the so terrific “hunger attacks”. The possibilities to put on weight are a lot, but they get compensated with the following cycle: the waning phase. Besides, the full moon phase lasts very few days.

This knowledge are completely empiric and in the ancient times, people used to know it naturally, because they were used to identify themselves with nature and feel themselves as part of it. Today, we need to remember them so we can use the Moon phases in our own benefit.