Keys and tips to be happy

There are many ways of understanding happiness and that is why the following tips for happiness are based on the features that have been seen with people happy and to be taken as a simple guide to help you get your own happiness, with things that compose it so unique.

• The first key is to be active. Being cooped up at home or just go from work to home and back makes you a sedentary people and therefore prone to serious diseases. And these diseases are not synonymous with happiness.

• Regular activity also improve your mood, help you release stress and fill power.

• Another key is to be grateful for the good life you have or the good things that come to you. Not be resigned what it is to be positive and think good things always happen to us.

• Take care of your image and project how good he feels, is not just an act of vanity, the only people who feel attractive and good about herself is happier than those without.

• Be kind to others and smile, this will help you feel better, and this having a tough time, and make you feel better to others.

• Manage assertive communication will also help, first to have fewer problems with others, and especially to express your feelings to not fill with resentment and sadness.

• Listen to music and go with the rhythm, dance, sing and have fun, and be alone.

• One of the most important key is knowing how to face the problems that arise in life. Nobody said that a lifetime of happiness have to be without its drawbacks, namely the fact is tackling them.

• Another key that relate to a healthy and happy in the good food. Do not deprive yourself of any food, but eat moderately. People who are deprived of food to be thin or those who overeat and do not keep extra kilos win the best mood.

Other tips for happiness

If you follow the above keys, your life will surely improve a lot and have a life full of happy moments. But they are not enough so here are some small and easy tips to be happy.

1. Play and have fun

2. Appreciate the wonder of nature and all that surrounds us

3. Have fun and laugh a lot

4. Spend money on experiences that make you happy and give lasting memories for many years.

5. Removes any disturbance, disorder or imbalance in your life.

6. Past is past, so leave it behind, but not before having learned from him.

7. Be loving and express their feelings to others.

8. Try not to be filled with hatred, or resentment.

9. Learn to forgive.
10. Do not compare yourself with others or your life or your body, none of that is comparable.