How to seduce a centaur?

The Sagittarian are happy people, very expressive and with a great capacity to communicate with the rest. For them, any new experience is a new reason to enjoy life and, specially, if the new situations is linked with a romance about to start


To seduce, they do not save words and smiles, but their tendency to excess in all the fields of life, some of the times in which they want to call attention can be somewhat shocking for people who do not really know them. They talk about themselves and about their different experiences, even that they are cautious when it comes to communicate their deepest feelings. If their partner is sad, they will know how to make this person feel happy and full of optimism again, even that when a Sagittarius is going through a hard situation in life, it can be hard to move them from the depression point. Sometimes, because of not being too much discrete and talk too much, can also give them prejudice. It is hard for them to learn that, sometimes, the in the relation with the partner, there are secrets that need to be keep thus, avoiding in this way to hurt unnecessary the person who they love.

The typical archer is energetic and generous that trust in life about all over the test of the things. When this person is trying to conquer, he spends the majority of the energies in the happy development of the relationship, however, later, in the bad moments, he also know how to offer his support. In general, this person likes to avoid problems. They do not resist to aggressions, the constant recriminations, the scenes of jealousy and this kind of behaviors, which affect they happy and smiley nature. They neither like people who try to limit their freedom, as travelling, studying and getting to know people are the spiritual food that keeps him alive. Who wants to share his life with a Sagittarius will have to renounce to the feeling of possession and, on the contrary, he will need to join progressively the partner in its expansion.

For Sagittarius, sex is a wonderful adventure, as they like to explore the world of feelings with the same detail as which they learn an exotic language. They energy is never over and their good humor is a complement that helps them to forget about all the erotic taboos.

If a Sagittarius starts an affective relationship that gets soon into routine and monotony, they will get bored with no solution and probably, he will need to look another place what he cannot find in the partner.  Because of this, anyone who wants to accompany in the sex a native of this sign, he will need to be open to live it with passion and with renewed interest.