Horoscope Today: The True Meaning of the Signs

The horoscope of today, the true origins of the Zodiac signs are found in the time of the Ancient Greece; that is why the Word “Zodiac” comes from putting together the two words “zoon” and “diakos” of the Greek vocabulary, which means the wheel of the animals.


In astrologic meaning, there are twelve sings of the horoscope that divide the Zodiac wheel into part of the same size. This shows us the orbits of the planets in the sky, the sun and the moon advancing on this Wheel every month of the year. In each of these pieces, we find a constellation which is what gives every sign its name

Babylonians and the Greeks were the responsible one to make the divisions in the Zodiac Wheel. It is interesting observing that each sign of the today horoscope has a piece that it is the same of 30 grades references to the sky. In the west astrology and also in the modern astrology, the Zodiac is one of the essential parts but, however, there exists other horoscopes that are still being used, as the famous Chinese horoscope.

Where do the names of the signs come from?

The one who proposed the name of the twelve constellations was Isaac Newton and he planned to be like homage to the mythic Jason and the Argonauts; but, actually, the signs of the Zodiac make reference to the constellation in which they are places. This is why each of the signs has a really fascinating history of their own.