Hindu Horoscope

One of the famous horoscopes that we can find today and that it is quite use, even that it is not so much in the west, is the Hindu horoscope.  It is full of features that are worth knowing.


Now, if you want to know more about it, here I will explain you some of the characteristics of it and also the name of each of the signs.

Features of the Hindu Horoscope

Amongst the most representative features of this horoscope, we can find that its management is sidereal. What this means is that it manages the 12 constellations that are also managed in the west horoscope, but in this case it considers its gradual movement.

Besides this, it needs to be known that it has 12 signs which are known as Rashis.

In the same way, this horoscope is different from the others as its predictions are made by the real position of the stars.

The Hindu Signs or Rashis

As I was telling, this horoscope has 12 Rashis. These are the following ones:

Mesha angaraka. March 21st to April 20th

Vrishasca surkra. April 21st to May 21st.

Mithuna budha. May 22nd to June 22nd.

Kataka chandra. June 23rd to July 22nd.

Simaha ravi. July  23rd to August  23rd.

Kanta budha. August 24th to September 23rd.

Thula sukra. September  24th to October 23rd.

Vrischica angaraka. Octuber 24th to November 22nd .

Dhanus brishaspati. November 23rd to December 22nd.

Makara sani. December 23rd to January 20th .

Kumbha kethu. January 21st to February 19th .

Meena galika. February 20th to March 20th .