Additional Elements in the Description of the Horoscope

The horoscope does not only make reference to the Zodiac signs that correspond to people according their birthdate; to the 12 signs of the Zodiac are also attributed different elements that correspond to the different seasons of the year.

Further than planning the horoscope for today, the weekly or the monthly horoscope, it is necessary to find our connection with the world surrounding us and the strong positive influence that it can have with us. Let’s see then the relationship of the flowers and the Zodiac signs according to the basic features of each of them.


Aries: the heather has diuretic functions and it also works as an antiseptic for the urinary tract.

Taurus: Chamomile helps with the nervous frequent migraines in people under this sign. It gives them dreamy states.

Gemini: Daisy symbolizes the nature of love. To defoliate this plant can be of the most reassuring activity.

Cancer: gentian promotes longevity. Lilac, on its side, is the flower of love.

Virgo: Lavender will help in the accomplishment of the desires and the idyllic dreams.

Libra: Narcissus allows people to control symptoms like asthma and nervous disorders. The person who smells them is induced to sleep.

Scorpio: Honeysuckle encourages nostalgic beings. The lily is the flower of immortality.

Sagittarius: Fleur de Lis, the flower of the gods. It means the divine power and the time domain, of love and beauty. The lotus favors serene expression and promotes prosperity, absolute love and outbursts of pride.

Capricorn: the buttercup or Ranunculus reinforces identity.

Aquarius: chicory alleviates depressive states and stimulates digestive functions. The peony has healing properties for the states of nervousness that people can suffer.

Pisces: The heart or the grass of the fairies protect against anxiety, melancholy and illusions. It alleviates the soul and it makes the spirit stronger.