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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Libra
September 24 - October 23

From: May 2 to May 8, 2016

LIBRA LOVE: Native ones that are single, they will find the opportunity to know the ideal person between new friendships. Also the loving bonds in the very new relations will be fortified, for that reason you must let of side its fears to approach the person to you likes. Beware with ex- couples or companions much who can become in his against and ploting yourselves to avoid your recent happiness. For married or that already has house, the good moment to plan improvements. For those surrounded in gossips lately they know that to take care of these tonteras it results in delays to advance in life, defends with calm its privacy, if you achieve it with intelligence you will get strong support of the entire people who are to your surroundings.

LIBRA HEALTH: The health recovers and the movement the vital energy generate joy, of going and of return, obtaining more health at the most happiness feels… Of equal way the health is cultivated with hope, good food, rest, productive work, good actions and smiles. Use your mind to send love to the others instead to criticize them. Use your body to generate shared beauty, work and years. It designs a healthful life on the basis of a better diet… and leaves the door open so that happiness enters your life, leaves open door watching towards the future.
LIBRA WORK: You deal with not becoming so demanding and watches in your Interior before realizing any labor reclamation. In the businesses and your relation with money your luck changes for good give to yourself some, it, enjoy your profits it creates although them small, with small steps is arrived very far. It finds its private road, try to give the reason and to recognize your true desires to be able to reach the destiny that give to yourself some, does not waste the time in own vanities each other´s or, the true way of the wealth also is of knowledge, not of pretensions. During this year you will be able to pay debts very delayed, and this week she is propitious to begin to plan this, with great profit if it is begun today.

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