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Libra Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope Libra
September 24 - October 23

From: February 1 to February 7, 2016

LIBRA LOVE: This week nobody will be safe from its seduction and in the world of work, today, you will be an excellent day, moved away of problems and discussions if know to take advantage or your intuition. The greater knowledge of our own self synchronizes with our dual, feminine and masculine being beacons to us one, to manage the totality and power to exert all our potential. In order to vary certain unstable situation you will bring about some headaches, the calm will help the well-being as much generally as to obtain an acceptable solution. The external pressures do not favor your mood, is essential that you stay alerts and in calm. Singles mainly they will be benefitted by this planetary union that will allow them to approach loved person.

LIBRA HEALTH: In order to feel like more fort and assets it is good for beginning to practice some sport, long walks outdoors and a healthy diet. The projects thought or planned in the nature usually are born with better luck, more realism and majors cosmic possibilities of concretion and success. The possibility of taking two different ways, two alike ways, one to light, another one of shades, it submits to us the permanent test of knowing if we are give to yourself some of material and spiritual wealth. Harmony is very necessary and is in your hands obtaining it, you will be rewarded. It has been recovering his humor leaving to walk, practicing a sport left for a long time or retaking a creative work that did not do long ago.
LIBRA WORK: Take care of yourself of the too ambitious labor proposals, it analyzes well his options. Abundance will reach as long as it works on true dreams. It faces the changes of its habitual routine like life lessons, and although one is its routine character very customary and they do not attract the changes to you, takes what it touches to you with the joy that can. It is for You, it always remembers this, which has touched to you is only for your benefit, and takes according to you can bring good consequences or attract the bad fortune. It is for You and it depends on You the final result.

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