Scorpio - 2016

Yearly horoscope for Scorpio. Zodiac signs predictions for 2016
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- Scorpio Horoscope 2016 -

Yearly Horoscope Scorpio
October 24 - November 22

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE 2016: Predictions of the Astros help us have a lot of information about what can happen in life and give us lots of advice so we can anticipate different situations in our lives and to choose the best route there. In this case, we will see the predictions of the Astros for Scorpios in 2016.

Scorpios will have a somewhat difficult year in some aspects of their lives, which can destabilize the other. That is why we must be careful when making certain decisions and should always keep in mind that you must think and meditate before you do anything. Let's see these more detailed predictions.

Scorpio and love in 2016: Love is one aspect in which Scorpio will have more problems this year and that things may not go as they expected.
Scorpio that have a partner will see that this will be a year in which the differences between them and will not much agree on decisions. You may even come to believe in the separation as the only solution to your problems. However, before reaching this point, we recommend a lot of dialogue with the partner and, if necessary, look for ways in which they can spend time alone to resolve these differences.
Those who are single will not have many changes in your love life this year. They should know that the few relationships cannot be started with right people, thereby giving them a short but passionate love affair. It is important for Scorpios who agree on these short-term relationships to have the heart to not end up suffering in each of them.

Scorpio and Work in 2016: Work for Scorpio is pretty good and will continue in line this year. It is possible that if there are problems, these come from the need to take holidays for health reasons or family, so they should be careful when asking for these days, or be aware of what can happen.
Those who are working will see how things remain the same. They should not expect improvements because this year is not right for it. On the other hand, what it can happen is that if they ask several permits the company end up with much less pay or losing their jobs. Scorpio thing will evaluate what is best for them and the different solutions they have for their problems.
Those who are unemployed will have very little chance of finding a job that fits what they are looking for, but should not be discouraged, for the year is very long and may have small temporary contracts that give them some chance.
The economy will continue as usual and we cannot expect large inflows of money or be able to splurge some money on their whims. On the other hand, they must put aside investments or loans, because it will not be easy to find good conditions and return what was borrowed.

Scorpio and health 2016: One of the good aspects that these natives have is health. The health of Scorpio is one of his best, especially if they had nothing before. What these natives must keep in mind is that they should continue to make efforts to maintain the good health.
People who have some sort of ailment can spend the year pretty well, although there may be more than one visit to doctors.

Scorpio and personal relations in 2016: In terms of relationships with others, we must say that they do not end up being very good is that Scorpios can be cold people and most arrogant. If you do not start to listen to others, to speak well and to ask forgiveness if they make mistakes and forgive, few will have good relations.


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