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Leo Horoscope 2014

Yearly horoscope for Leo
July 24 - August 23

LEO HOROSCOPE 2014: The year 2014 starts for those born under the sign of Leo with an alignment of Mercury, the Sun and Uranus, which will bring you much strength and joy. Jupiter will be the first six months of the year forcing the Lions to reason.

Usually they act guided only by the heart. However, if they behave that way this year, they will lose a lot of money and ruin the possibility of achieving success in the workplace. The men and women of this sign love to have a comfortable economic position, which allows them to give and give. Jupiter will make that generosity is more governed by reason and not by impulsivity.


Financially it will be a very good year. The money will come to their lives in unexpected ways. However, it will be a challenge to keep it, they will have to learn to think before spending and be a little more proactive in terms of the future.
The legal issues are quite locked, no legal action during the first semester. In the first quarter of 2014, discussions will arise in the labor field. However, none of these discussions will affect them directly. Professionally they need to control the irrational urge to stand up for their teammates.
There will be a period of great emotional instability during the months of October and November, caused by the presence of Saturn in the house of Leo. During those months, all born under this sign will find it difficult to communicate in the emotional area. There will be very hectic 60 days, with strong arguments in couples that may end up in separation and divorce.

To those who are alone, it will cost them much work to keep a stable romantic relationship during this period. It will be a good time for casual encounters and exciting sexual encounters, but it will be very difficult to find a person you can plan a future with. In December Leo’s love life improves and extends until early 2015.

As for health, during the first half of the year will experience an obsession with physical appearance. They undergo stringent workouts and strict diets to lose weight. However, during the second half of the year, the body will make them pay so many privations. The fainting and low blood pressure constitutes the first signs that tell them they should start with a more balanced diet.

Enjoy 2014 because it will be a year of great opportunities for all Leos.
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