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- Sagittarius Horoscope 2013-

Yearly horoscope for Sagittarius
November 23 - December 21

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE 2013: Dare yourself to prove the other facets of the Humanity, they wait for sublime experiences to it if it is allowed to connect yourself with people different from which is used to frequenting, from eccentric and incomparable character. It is not closed to new experiences. And beware much with the worries that can mostly cause Saturn in regards to personal friendships and relations. Inner La Paz is necessary to reach in spite of the ominous influences of planets, this is rule invariably, the conduct of a triumphant mind also, and is as well as we can demonstrate that the happy and successful people not only totally handle to your lives but also your thoughts exceeds they and the huge thoughts are the starting point for the huge results.

At work: Good year to undertake new courses of life and major projects at level labor and with great and varied possibilities of growing, whenever it has the eyes and the will open to the change of structures, archetypes, people. Superb opportunities touch to your door, if it conserves his character in rule can be useful and prosper maintaining his standard of living. Control yourself, in difficult times try to come with optimism. Propitious stage to strengthen businesses or of defining projects. It always remember that success is next to the wisdom, reason, entire, work, will, spiritual harmony, happiness, joy to live, gratefulness, return, lasting and complete love… to be.


In love: You will notice that the force of your loving life returns to You, that your determination bloom and assures more powerful relations the expected, is its overflowing vital energy, open the door of your life, fitted deletion mark (and the welcome). Great power of communication with the entire beings to his around, take advantage of this vital moment and founds relations, friendships, societies and generate good energy with the others. Many and varied social gatherings with friends and total social life. To take care of yourself much of the confusions in family generated by Neptune, to seat head and to maintain the feet on the Earth is good tactics to move away of little clear situations that the reason can solve with coherence and prudence. Do not try to please to the others creating a false image of you.
As far as artistic or never recreational personal and spiritual growth try have fun creating and using the imagination like… since the stars cause good luck in the ventures creative ones, of design, decoration. Do not fail to take advantage of the opportunity of have fun, will be fantastic. You must be kind to the signals of the Universal, is always the unique form in which you will find its destiny, its love and your true desires delayed and forgotten in the time. In addition you need to pamper yourself to obtain a level of greater energy, an impulse than it is only obtained in the knowledge and belief that it is in the true way of its destiny, nothing motivates more.
The best lover of the year: AQUARIUS. Manifestation of New Year, to receive this cosmic year with good will and generation of positive changes:

"I create a moment happy. I will create happy moments every day, small refuges of the noise and of the chaos, to dedicate same love to me, to regulate a caress and power to me to expand it to my loved beings"
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