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- Libra Horoscope 2013-

Yearly horoscope for Libra
September 24 - October 23

LIBRA HOROSCOPE 2013: Think with the soul and analyzes with the heart, leaves of side the rational thought and constructs replaced his of life with the heart. The intuition will optimize the course of your life. Jupiter will influence much and of excellent way, and Neptune as of February, having improved its sensitivity and helping him more intuitive… but to be beware with the conflicts that these feelings can generate. They accompany it to the planets in the businesses and love, but you must also put or your part to achieve the wanted success. Aside from its way to the people to you they say what to do and how to respond to its conflicts, it is moment for taking the reins and for becoming position of the results.

The prediction work you will have to try to face its labor problems or of businesses without depending on anybody, thinking and decides that often the security is better not to try to maintain so much to be able to progress and to follow ahead. Takes a fresh impetus in his work and its projects from progress. Learn to organize yourselves, to take care of all without stressing yourself and anticipating better his costs and gains. It breathes and it meditates before acting, soon will know how to invest, to benefit and to favor his dear community, its beings and your surroundings generally, remembers whenever the distributed gain grows and it multiplies to his favor. Success, in these difficult times, is to grow insofar as one can obtain sufficient and satisfactory happiness and wealth.


In the plane of love will be very good moment for romance, deals with not generating discussions that prevent the best one to flow of the relations. It is not let lead to situations or atmospheres of tension and distrust, use your intellect to avoid the storm that is approached. Try to leave stroll with friends, to do some sport with children, going sometime outdoors and some exercise, although he is weekly will invigorate at all level, having developed his defenses, mental clarity, creativity and sexual activity. Takes into account this recommendation that will improve all days.
As far as personal growth he is advisable to be prudent with the words and to maintain to walk quiet and harmonic. Beware with hidden enemies who put stones in the way, knowledge to retire them with intelligence and if to generate conflicts it is the best option of life. Give a time to its body and its soul, as much as the one that dedicates to the others… and will be compensated with beauty, happiness and health. To meditate aid to center objectives, to write solves them hard work to determine goals, to negotiate strategies and to make specific in time and forms each step to follow in the attainment of a better Future, in abundance of internal growth and total experiences…
The best lover of the year: TAURUS. Manifestation of New Year, to receive this cosmic year with good will and generation of positive changes:

"I look for the natural truth. I will look for truth of my existence that does not need to be my affability, that does not need to be beautiful, only needs my sincerity to be able to become according to my natural desires"
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