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- Gemini Horoscope 2013-

Yearly horoscope for Gemini
May 21 - June 21

GEMINI HOROSCOPE 2013: Accept the changes of this year without being surprised since many come, comfort them with joy and enthusiasm. Throughout in year you can have major changes and disagreements. Self-management is very necessary to advance in the life and it is based on its self-confidence and in the importance to you offer to its authentic dreams and your intuitions. Self-knowledgement is the fundamental stone, the necessary foundation of construction of your life. You have a vehement understanding that marks the way to you, call it perception, call it mental miracle, as you wish, but it is your mental power to decide the correct sentence and to let grow your abundance in the chosen way, the right path.

Work of these native ones will be very favorable, if they manage to handle to its binoculars like good allies… since with the stars to your favor it is very optimistic moment for the businesses, new plans and ideas to future, try to put in practice some, do not remain in the mere projects or you will undergo depressions to medium term. Majors and better profits wait to you if manage to sincere your heart, its goals and your spirit of fighter. He is sincere with his talents and your opportunities. Trust to know yourself and to yourself to achieve success. Avoid labor dispute or discussions with partners or companions work.


In the plane of love and for singles: look for between his groups of comrades the relationship ideal. It designs and it constructs a conscious way for your new loving life, one that makes it happy… The loving life is well aspected, as much to begin a different one as to strengthen the relationship, take advantage of this moment to approach its loved being more. The destiny will provide great surprises to you. As by magic art it feels a renovation in his family relationship. Love will flow with naturalness and its couple can include/understand it and accompany it better than ever. The aid of friends with power gaps to doors and opportunities. The entire good one is there hoping that you recognize it.
As far as personal growth he is advisable that maintains its duality controlled, is not boycotted to you, does not make undergo his close friends. In this period you will learn to surpass inhibitions and fears that are very ingrained. The dance and music are very liberating… and can arrive, from your practice to know or to find life ways that before remained hidden… manages to move its body so that certain things move in your interior and praise/pour off by yourselves in always favorable consequences in the long run. Do not forget that the people who restrict yourselves to yourselves are unfortunate, the unique happiness leaves from knowledge that is journeying a personal way, sincere and been thankful for.
The best lover of the year: LIBRA. Manifestation of New Year, to receive this cosmic year with good will and generation of positive changes:

"I multiply the happy time. I will multiply the daily happiness with a positive glance towards the events that I cannot change in my life"
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