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- Cancer Horoscope 2013-

Yearly horoscope for Cancer
June 22 - July 23

CANCER HOROSCOPE 2013: Try to remove the best thing from yourself to remove this vital moment ahead, exiles negative ideas of its mind begins think about positive, use ho- oponopono to improve its vital energy, help it to the stars with ventures of personal growth, turns upside down to love without restrictions. It puts the entire enthusiasm and the positive energy that can, his synchrodestiny is pronounced to each step, and its task is to be kind. This one is the Time: in order to begin to journey the change that generate success, abundance, material and spiritual wealth and by mostly, happiness and justification with yourself. You do not look for more, your you are the change that you need to see around in a your…

In working environment learn to enjoy than it has and you will prosper much. One does not pause in memories and experiences from the past that can easily take it towards the melancholy; watch forwards, this year does not bring good energies with connections with the past. Remember that to construct a patrimony, to acquire wealth, the daily profit of the prosperity and abundance one maintains on true fundamental pillars and feelings, in a life of sincerity with one same one. Non-subject to make radical decisions, trusts your good criterion and acts with the cool head. It attracts opportunities his life opening the doors to the newness.


In the plane of love can have days of tension, affective vulnerability, crises and encounters. Tense environment. It finds love and friendship in your circle of fellow workers, is very possible that it lives with the closed eyes and the solitary heart by not knowing how to watch well… Do not allow the intervention of third parties in his privacy. The astral panorama with the family is not absolutely propitious, who its spirdo not decay although rubbing and misunderstandings take place, everything will be well if it builds with love and intelligence. If it suitably does not act you will have to confront spacings, but even so he is advisable that express your ideas although these are different from those from your couple. The time to be able to harmonically enjoy your family finally arrived, in privacy and dialog.
For your spiritual and personal growth it resorts to live, to work and to act without thinking about the gains, places it to indifference in a place of freedom of action and in a situation of constant attention to which it happens around to his, to be able to take the opportunities. The generosity is a masterful key that opens many doors. That entire one so it has destined it to the Universe is written in your heart, open to same you are the key of the knowledge and of success in the life. It would take revenge fear of the, fear often is born from the preoccupation to feel crippled, ineffective, without power. Stop looking for admirers and try to grow spiritually.
The best lover of the year: SAGITTARIUS. Manifestation of New Year, to receive this cosmic year with good will and generation of positive changes:

"Increase my vital energy. I will increase to my vital every day, a day simultaneously, to live one more a more total life and full energy on youthful experiences that fill to my days of life and my year at the moment plenary sessions"
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